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The Shenandoah 52: Documentary Brief



Storytelling Method

We are telling the Story of the Interviewee. This is not a film about the linear history of the park. This is stories about the park and the voices of its people.

We are bringing the story to life through the interviewee with passion, humility, and richness.

  • INTERVIEWEE STORY: Their relationship to the Shenandoah National Park, their history, and what makes SNP special.

  • REASON TO LISTEN: Their experience, the story behind the park, the layer that sits beneath our common shared knowledge.

  • ELEMENTS OF EDUCATION: The historical elements told by a diverse group of individuals.

  • CONNECTION WITH AUDIENCE: Personal stories that resonate, creating an emotional connection.

  • CONNECTION TO THE SHENANDOAH NATIONAL PARK: Awareness of the history will enable the viewer to see the park in a new light, driving stewardship and ownership.

The film will be 100% direct interviews of experts, participants, and interested parties in the National Park. Voices of its people. Nothing more, nothing less.

Using a combination of off-camera interviews, direct address, hosted conversation, and cinematic approach, this film will include 4K video of the park and interviewees. 

The documentary will follow along with three distinct narratives.

1. History of the Park: Telling the story of Shenandoah through the stories of the interviewees. This is not a linear story, this is an emotional connection that we’re creating with the storytellers that we sit down with.

3. Each Demographic Impacted: Capturing a broader picture of impacted individuals including elements of Native American, African American, CCC Camps, and the untold stories of the relocation.

Transitioning to:

3. The Journey Ahead: Perspectives from the future with commentary captured from both historians and the next generation of visitors and park visitors.



SNP52 Hiking Project Components

Pixels and Pointers have embarked on a journey with two components designed to inspire and inform park goers. Built on the fabric of our past to fuel the future. 


At the core of the project is two Hiking Challenge,



Film to promote awareness about the project and National Park. The project is filming a documentary with proceeds to benefit the charitable groups associated with the park.



Documentary DNA

Evoke Viewers to Ponder: "What obligation do we owe to ourselves in the present and future when experiencing the Shenandoah National Park based on it’s history?"

As visitors embark on the park, the heritage of the park must be honored -- the Native Americans, settlers, or CCC camp builders have all had a role in its evolution. While there is no single 'right answer' to our obligation, we mustn't forget the past.

Inspire stewardship and create awareness about the land visitors are walking on and enjoying.

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