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TrailHack#104: What do I do with hanging backpack straps? GearAid Tri-Glides.

You’re on the trail, moving at a quick pace and those backpack straps are swinging back and forth with each step. Sometimes we tie them to the other strap resulting in limited adjustment ability.

If you have dangling backpack straps and don’t know what to do with them, GearAid has a solution. Solves for the notorious:

  • My backpack straps swing around on the trail

  • My waist belt straps are in the way and hang down

  • When I tie my backpack strips together, I can’t adjust my bag Check out the GearAid Tri-Glides strap holders. The Tru-Glides come in 1.0” and 1.5” holders. It requires undoing the straps and re-threading them.

For my bag, it makes the waist belt cleaner, easier to adjust, and no issue with straps swinging around.

Happy hiking!


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