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Adventure Trailer: Post MABDR Trip

It’s been a little while. Since the last post, we built an adventure trailer for our hiking and camping adventure on the Mid-Atlantic Backcountry Discovery Route, went on the trek of a lifetime, and have been renovating the basement of our home in preparation for a new member of the family. While we have a host of things in draft to share, let’s start from the top. A little flavor of the adventure for inspiration with hopes it might spark some adventures.

Bantam T3C Trailer

About 3 months ago, we acquired a Bantam trailer off the interwebs. The trailer was part of an estate sale and to the ordinary eye a simple trailer. We envisioned more.

The Bantam trailers have a rich history originating from the Jeep bloodlines and cousin to the M416 and M100 military trailers. With limited information available online, we managed to find a few resources to pull together some enhancements to create an Adventure Trailer for Overlanding.

The Tear Down and Rebuild

We started from the base. Now we didn’t go too crazy with a complete strip down, but we did sand it quite a bit. And then started to scorer the internet for ideas of what works for Overlanding.

Removed the rust and got a good ole fashion can(s) of Rustoleum. Painting compliments of Rustoleum. And rack on top from Doonit camp store plus military steel rims with mounted Toyo Open Country AT3s and we’re in business. Additionally, since we’re towing it behind the Jeep, we installed a lunette for articulation on off-road trails similar to the military version.

Eventually, after hours of sanding, patience with drying spray paint — we emerged with the base of the trailer.

And this why we’ve been on a hiatus from blogging. Sand paper, wrenches, and bolts in hand and occupying much of the time. We share this to build upon the prior posts related to the MABDR trip and with hopes to inspire and spark imagination of what’s possible.

Complete with the Rooftop Tent often called an RTT. We set out on our adventure with a military inspired trailer with heritage from Jeep being dragged behind the Jeep.

We hope this sneak peek into the adventure trailer sparks some interest. And in true Pixels and Pointers style — we gave it our namesake. For now, probably just justification for the light posting, but we’ll get back at it!


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