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Bunting: Cake or Outdoor Wear for Your Child? MUST HAVE ... Cold Weather Wear for Your Infant/Baby.

Out on the trail, comfort is king. You buy the expensive outwear for yourself and equally important now is that little one that treks along with you. And the BUNTING is king on the trails in cold weather.

One of the best purchases that we've made is the BUNTING. I don't know why I am capitalizing it, but it feels like it should be. These gems are typically fleece and/or puffy materials. For our little one, we have both. And they both serve a purpose. That is for cold and colder weather.

  • Fold over cuffs to keep the hands super warm when it's needed

  • Typically they have dual zip-up panels

  • Hoodie because not only is it cute, but it's functional

And here is the surprise twist -- buy it used on eBay, they are typically a fraction of the price, and if needed, wash it in super hot water with extra infant-safe laundry detergent.

Example eBay Link: North Face Bunting: Search Result | eBay

Just one more way to make sure that everyone is comfortable outside on those cold winter days. Now get outside and enjoy that chilly weather with everyone! Happy hiking!

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