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Camping & RV Equipment: The Only Cooking Pan You Need - "Our Place Always Pan 2.0"

Cooking during a camping trip can be tricky. If you have a campfire going and you're grilling over the open flame, you've really leaned into the whole outdoor dream. Go you. Make sure to post it on Instagram so the rest of us can silently curse your aspirations.

The reality is that you don't always have the time and energy to cook over an open fire. The calculation of when the embers are hot enough, the patience to wait for the fire to get to that point, and the skill needed to cook over an open flame don't always align.

We have accepted that with children, getting out hiking and spending time on the trails means that it's not always possible to live the outdoor dream. Enter stage left, the Our Place Always Pan 2.0. And here's why,

  • You can wipe it out with a paper towel and nothing sticks to it

  • Full stop, that should be reason enough, especially when camping

We could list the dozen other reasons that this pan is great - nontoxic, aluminum (so it's light), features that can be added, but none of that pails to the fact that it can be wiped clean. Of course, it still needs some soap and water, however, a cleaner pan is an easy pan to clean.

Airstream + Dogs = Easy mean, easier clean-up

Whether is over the Coleman stove or the RV, this pan performs. Easy to cook with, easy to clean, easy to store. This is the only pan that you need. Do yourself a favor and spend more time outside enjoying nature and less time cleaning.

[This is an independent endorsement, we purchased this pan, and we'd buy it again, a few times over.]


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