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Dog Bells for Hiking: Does Fido Need a Bell?

One of the best low-fidelity ways to keep tabs on Fido and keep track of them if they get off-leash is the dog collar bell.

When I first went down the rabbit hole of collar bells, I was looking for a small and out-of-the-way option. But found out quickly, there are a lot of choices. The awkward part of the research was when the wife walked into the living room while I was watching the following video. That's right, someone standing behind a folding table ringing bells. It might have been better if she walked in on any other content. We laughed.

Benefits of the Bell

When we're out on the trail, Addison wears the Garmin TT15 Mini for tracking and training purposes. When we're in areas that permit some freedom, it's sometimes difficult to keep tabs on her.

  • Distance: When she's a little too far away, we can't hear the bell for little bit and we know it's time for recall

  • Notification to Others: We received a number of comments that it was great that she had the cowbell because they had no idea what was running around in the woods, but figured it was ok since there was a bell

Which Bell Did You Choose?

Double U and Outdoor Dog Supply are great resources for dog supplies. We opted for the smaller bell from Double U.

An easy option for audible tabs on the hiking partner should they get to run free or get off leash accidentally. Happy Hiking!


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