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Infant Hiking, TrailHack#111: Bring baggies the Little One, and Fido!

You're on the trail, the baby is crying and you need to change them. Double down on the bags that you bring for Fido to also stuff that diaper away. I promise we'll get off this topic for a little bit, but these two are top picks for us.

Sassy Disposable Sacks

Why do we like these? They tie close. It's like using a small grocery store bag to transport the waste. If you're feeling environmental, we suggest looking at the biodegradable -- however, we have not tested any of them.

Bag Holder Attachment

Why do we like these? Because no one wants to carry the waste bag. Attach it to the back of your backpack and slide it on the hangar.

It's a small trail hack, but it's an important one. Don't be stuck with a diaper with nowhere to put it and then have to stuff it in your backpack.

We hope this helps and happy hiking!


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