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SAS Survival Guide: The Ultimate for the Adventure Seeker, Utility for the Recreational Outdoor Trek

The SAS Survival Handbook, Third Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Anywhere … over the top or just what you need?! This 672-page book covers everything from first aid to making a camp to combat training. John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman has produced quite the book with the 3rd Edition of this guide to the outdoors. This former SAS veteran has left little out of the guide.

Is it a lot? Absolutely. Is it worth a flip-through? If you are curious about quick overviews of survival tactics, then yes.

What’s to Expect with the SAS Survival Handbook

Whether you’re planning to be held up at home under siege or just want to have a general feeling of what to do in the outdoors, this guide is a relatively helpful and functional read. File this under:

  • Books that I didn’t know I needed until I cracked the cover

  • Something that has exceptional content for the diehard and nuggets for the recreational readers

  • And something for anyone that plans to spend time outdoors

Whether you plan to spend a weekend camping with the family or hike a multiday trip through the wilderness, the book has some informational nuggets scattered throughout.

If you’ve read any of my other of our Blog posts, you know that I index more on the preparedness scale. The right tools for the situations that we are faced with create a greater level of comfort. My wife might describe it differently — perhaps an affinity for gear. Whatever the case, this book fits right into that DNA of preparedness. If you also index high on preparedness, this is a great read to flip through. While a large cross-section of content might not be relevant, there are great tips throughout.

And you can even get your hands on a SAS Survival Guide Pocket Edition that I can only describe as appropriately sized for a smurf.

When flipping through the pages, there are a number of sections and tips that are relevant. And while every situation will require different guidance, there are segments that are worth breezing through to get a good baseline.

Chp.5 - Camp Craft

  • Shelter

  • Fire

  • Cooking

  • Ropes and Knots

Chp.8 - Health

  • First Aid

  • Dangerous Creatures & Poisonous Snakes

Chp. 10 - Rescue

  • Signaling

  • Signal Codes

Chp.12 - Disasters

  • Forest Fires

Depending on any other interests that you have, there are a number of other great chapters that include almost everything that you could come across in a survival scenario. Enjoy and happy hiking!


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