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TrailHack#102: Basics of Topo Maps and Using the OnX Hunt & All Trails Apps

In writing about the Apps from the Mapping: Finding Trails on Your Own and the Apps to ‘Lifehack’ Your Adventures, we’re following up reading the maps and software with some helpful resources.

REI Basics of Topo Maps

OnX Hunt Support Articles

OnX Hunt Resource Library.

Resource Library: Click here

Including resources for Basic Controls, Map Layers, and Offline Maps:

Basic Features

Basics of the OnX Hunt map.

Map Layers

Use this feature to see state, federal, and private lands for available hiking.

Offline Maps

Download the map before your trek to ensure that you have access to your desired trek if cell coverage is limited.

All Trails Support Articles

All Trails Resource Library Link: Support Center

Including resources for Creating Maps, Map View of Trails, and Filters to Find Trails:

Map View of Trails

Link: Map View of Trails Use this functionality to look at trails on the map rather than in the list view on the page.

Filtering Trails

Link: Filtering Trails Use this feature to filter trails by your personal preferences.

Creating Custom Maps

Link: Creating Maps Use this feature in the Pro edition to create custom maps, if you choose to track your trek from the All Trails app. This is not a necessity.


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