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Trailhack#108: Ditch the Water Bladder. Get a Nalgene + Hardside Hydration.

Water bladders are difficult to clean, they taste like plastic, and even harder to dry. The manufacturers provide tools to clean them that are fancy folding tools and bristled brushes, but we’ve found that they are difficult to work with.

If you’re a diehard water bladder user, there are plenty of options for the drying part at the very least like BonDry (BōnDry - Hydration Bladder Dryer – Fossil Outdoor Inc).

However, even these types of options still present the issue of the corners of the bladder. It’s just difficult in general. And while the water bladder is convenient to carry in your backpack and space-saving with most backpacks accommodating them. They are just difficult, prone to punctures, and generally more expensive.

Water Bottle as an Alternative to the Bladder

We’re here to evangelize the use of water bottles. The Nalgene. They are a cult following and easy to get too. But wait, there is more. We have found a solution that is a hybrid to the bladder and bottle. That’s right. Meet Hardside Hydration - Dependable & Rugged for Backcountry Adventures.

That’s right — Nalgene meet your straw. A match made for getting outside and enjoying the trails, while staying fully hydrated. All the benefits of convenience, a little easier to clean, and more durable. No more torn or punctured water bladders.

For now, this is definitely another area of preference. But we say, strap that water bottle on the side of your pack and plug in the Hardside Hydration system. The benefits of both worlds.

Happy hiking!


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