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TrailHack#111: Duct Tape, It Fixes Just About Everything

The model miracle of duct tape as a household staple is a given. Don’t know what to do with it, duct tape it. The same goes for the hiking trail. This modern marvel has so many uses on the trail and we encourage you to roll up a couple of feet of it and stick it in your hiking pack.

Duct Tape Uses for Hiking and on the Trail

We could go on with a lengthy list of repairs for duct tape, but here are a few that you’ll most likely experience on the trail.

1. Blisters: That’s right, cover that pestering blister on your heel with a patch of duct tape. It sticks better than a band-aid, has a greater coverage area, and it’s much more durable.

2. Sole Repair: Your shoes sometimes have a mind of their own on the trail. A quick wrap of tape, while not the most ascetically pleasing will get you back to the car with minimal discomfort.

3. Water Blatter or Bottle Leak: Patch up that hole in your water vessels with ease.

4. Shoelace Repair: Broken shoelace, wrap it, and make it back to the car. We’ve all been there.

5. Water Cup for the Pup: With a little ingenuity, craft a water bowl for the dog.

6. Backpack Repair: Broken zipper or tear in your pack from a branch, rip a piece off, and apply.

7. Trek Pole Repair: Snap your hiking pole, wrap, wrap, wrap, and somewhat back to normal. At least until you back to the car.

But where can you store the duct tape?

  • Wrap it around your water bottle

  • Wrap it around your hiking pole

  • Roll it onto itself, you can literally just roll it right off the roll into a smaller roll

We hope this helps. Happy hiking!


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