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Do You Really Need a Saw on the Trail? What are you, Paul Bunyan...

Strapped to my backpack is a Silky BIGBOY 2000 Folding Saw ( ready to go when we head out. Which begs the question, what are you, Paul Bunyan or something? Yes, the answer is always yes when asked if an outdoors person might strive for being an American folk hero and superhuman laborer.

All kidding aside, while we're not endorsing and suggesting that you bring a saw along with you, we are calling out that it can be useful if you choose to. It's not uncommon for trees and bushes to find their way onto the trail due to storms and inclement weather.

We've found that having something to clear the way makes for easier navigation. However, there is a big disclaimer here, cutting larger trees presents a safety risk if they decided to fall or slide in harm's way. Walking around with a saw and thinking that you can be Paul Bunyan - not so good. Educating yourself on how to clear trails - better.

There are a number of variables to consider and frankly, this is where geometry and algebra can be used, because cut angle matters.

  • Consider how the tree, branch, or bush is lying on the path and if you cut a second, how will it fall or disconnect

  • Will cutting a branch or tree cause anything to slide, especially if you are on a slope or incline, that's especially where you need to educate yourself

Once you get past that, it's about selection and which would be ideal for you. Strapped to my bag is a Silky folding saw, but there are a number of different types, like:

All and all, something to consider on your next adventure outside. If you feel confident and educated, might be good to have with you. There are plenty of YouTube videos that talk about trail clearing and can aid in preparing you for your next adventure. They can especially come in handy when a storm has passed through a few days before you get outside.

Educate yourself, be careful, and get outside! Happy hiking.


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