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The MUST HAVE for Hiking with Your Dog: MudBuster Dog Dirty Paw Cleaner

You're out with Fido and they are blazing the trail through the clean area of the woods, avoiding the puddles, and steering clear of the mud. Now laugh. We all know that hiking with your dog is an adventure in dirt and debris.

And let's be honest, your dog has its own weapon of destruction when you get off the trail and it is their dirty paws on your car seats. To me, the seats sometimes look like they were used as an obstacle in a tough mudder course.

We've found your solution. This may sound like an infomercial, which hey, this product is aces and does wonders to the dogs paws, so call it what you want.

An engineering marvel yet simple. Some silicon bristles in a cup, a little water, and a quick brush over. It cleans those paws like a champ. However let's be reasonable, it's does 95% of the job, but it gets those paws clean. I could give Addison 5 bathes and dirt would come off with every wash. Same situation. It's worth the investment.

So before you hit the next trail, consider that canine friend of yours and grab the one device that saves your car from the mess.

Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner, Medium, Blue

Happy hiking! Get out and let Fido run and play in the muck.


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