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Embarking on the SNP52 with GAIA GPS: We have a Tip Sorting the on Order the Routes to Alphabetical

The GAIA GPS platform is an excellent resource for venturing into the wild and it's packed with tools and resources, but sometimes things are difficult to find. And it's probably not intentional, it just comes with the territory of a robust software tool.

Sorting the Order of the Route

So you've clicked on the Map Routes to sync everything to your mobile device or you're about to click on it here.

Once the app opens up the Map Share on your mobile device. The default sort order is by "Created By" date. If this is your first and last folder, you're in luck. However, if you are continuing to update and add, it can get lost in the mix. It's an easy fix.

1. Open the share maps and click on the three dots at the top right.

2. Then click on the "Sort By" toggle to change to sort by "Title".

3. This will flip around the maps so that they are sorted by title.

They should now all show up in order of title. Now I am relatively sure that when the app updates, this flag gets reset, but each time you go in, you should be good.

Small change, not a big deal, but helpful in our opinion. Happy hiking!


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