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Shenandoah 52 Update: Complete a Hiking Loop, get the SNP52 Trail Tag, collect all 23!

We're excited to share that we're partnering with Ball Chain Mfg Co., a US-based hometown manufacturer to stamp what we've coined as SNP52 Trail Tags. You might think that they look like Dog Tags. You guessed right, they are!

Get Your Trail Tags Today!

You will now be able to commemorate each of your hikes with a corresponding tag, labeled for the trail number and color-coded with a rubber ring to the loop. To inspire you to keep going and slowly add one by one each time you finish a loop to a 'ranger bead counter' inspired paracord system that will also be made available in the shop.

Trail Tag#15: Big Meadows / Camp Hoover

And we want to make it pretty simple... like any other trek, you decide the trail that you want to embark on, and once completed, loop back around with us to grab one of the tags.

#1 - Hike the trail segment

#2 - Track it and keep tabs

#3 - Head over to the Pixels and Pointers store to grab your tag

Each of the trails will have Trail Tag for the 24 different loops. Use this as a way to showcase and maybe brag a little about the miles that you're doing and the dedication to being outside. Perhaps it will inspire others to get outside with you.

For now,

  • We're doing our best to work through the logistics to source good ole' "Made in the USA" dog tags for each of the trails

  • And in the process of color-coding the SNP52 home page with the color-coding of the 24 loops to corresponding Trail Tags

And finally, we'll share more updates when the inventory is in stock. We're excited and we hope that you are too. Keep your eyes peeled as we continued to develop more with this project.

Until then, happy hiking!


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