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Whether it's #VanLife, a Root Top Tent, or a RV: Getting Outdoors Can Be Easy with an Upgrade

This weekend, we had the privilege of getting outside with our friends over at Roamer Vans US - Campervan Conversion Studio and it got us talking about all the ways to #GetOutside. During the pandemic, there was a surge in the park systems and National Parks across the country. And along with that was an increase in outdoor equipment purchases including the means to go camping.

Nick with Roamer had an interesting perspective on the quality of builds with the vans circulating today and made us think about the evolution of our journey to extend being outside through camping. Much of this might be straightforward and is more intended to spark some ideas about how to enjoy the outdoors in different ways.

Whether you're a traditional camper or looking new to getting outside, you have a number of options to enjoy being outdoors more.


1 | Rooftop Tent

The first type of upgrade you can make is a Rooftop Tent. Moving from the ground to the back of your truck bed or car can be a major upgrade in the quality of camping. This style of tent has gained quite a bit of momentum over the years with the popularity of Overlanding. Often referred to as an RTT, think Tent, but not on the ground.


  • Easy setup and teardown -- most are clamshell and open/close easily

  • No more wet ground during unfavorable weather

  • Better view and not to mention the novelty with the family


  • Setup and teardown while easy has to be done every time you get outside

  • It's a tent, so you're at the mercy of the elements and Mother Nature


1 | #VanLife - The Ultimate in Comfort and Convenience, the Camper Van

The next upgrade you could consider with a greater investment is a Camper Van, but this also serves as an exponential increase in quality of life. And whether it's a custom build which often times are more affordable than the big names that have prebuilt, there is no shortage of options.

Nick with Roamer Vans US shared that they have two models that they build, each with a specific purpose. And from what we've seen (we built our own at one point), many companies have popped up in this space and try to build a quality product, but some cut corners with craftsmanship. So keep a keen eye when looking to purchase a van.


  • You buy into a rolling house with ease and convenience -- everything you need in one spot

  • Versatility to move and be on the go; need to change campgrounds -- just go

  • All the amenities of home


  • If you need to drive somewhere, you might have to pack up for mobility (e.g., chairs, awning, etc)


3 | RV Trailer

The other option is the RV Trailer route. Depending on your life stage, this is another viable option for getting outside with all the comforts of home. This is the stage of life that we're in -- newborn, family, and need to be able to detach the trailer. The drawback is that you're pulling a trailer with your vehicle but the benefit is the flexibility to have your vehicle when you arrive at your destination.


  • Creature comforts of home

  • Ability to detach your vehicle


  • Maintenance and storage plus it's a tow vehicle, so consider that strongly


There are so many ways to get outside. The tent is great. The VanLife is great. Don't let the 'camping' aspect of the outdoors get in the way of a great adventure. Happy trails and get outside!


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