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The 2022 Ultimate Gift Guide for Outdoor Enthusiasts: 16 Must-Have Gifts for Hikers and Outdoorsman

Tis' the season for holiday cheer and gift-giving. Should you find yourself in need of a gift for that hiking and outdoor enthusiast in your life, we have a few suggestions for your person.


In no particular order, here is our list of the best gifts for that outdoor enthusiast in your life. Each of these items has been tested and we give them our Pixels and Pointers Gold Stamp of approval.

1 | Hardside Hydration Swig Rig for Their Nalgene

Ditch the water bladder and tap into the Nalgene. It's easier to clean and doesn't leak on your back. We've all been there. Don't let it happen to your hiking pal, especially when the weather is colder.

PRICE: $36


2 | Portable Baby Changing Pad by Lil Fox

There is no need for a little accident on the trail to slow you down. This foldable all-in-one changing pad is a great gift for those that are determined to get outside. The Lil Fox includes a pocket for wipes and another for diapers with your preferred diaper cream. Perhaps you include a sanitizing wipe too.

PRICE: $24


3 | NEBO Inspector 500 Lumen LED Rechargeable Pocket Size Pen Flashlight

Tell me a nerd without telling me you're a nerd. This flashlight is the jam. There I did it. This pen light packs easily and is super bright, great for a backpack or hip pack when out on the trail. Opinion of one - you can't go wrong with this light.

PRICE: $45


4 | Fido Pro Emergency Dog Carrier

Unfortunately, we have had to use this one. Don't be trapped in the backcountry with a heavy paperweight K9 that you need to carry for a mile due to injury. Accidents happen, but the Fido Pro sling makes it easier to transport Fido like a backpack.

Price: $79-139


5 | GAIA GPS Subscription

GAIA GPS is our preferred navigation tool when outdoors and adventuring into the backcountry. From the map layers to folders to setting waypoints, you'd be hard-pressed to find an app that has more to offer than the GAIA platform. Recently acquired by Outside Magazine, they occasionally run a promotion that includes access to digital content. This is a win-win-win in our book.

Price: $40


6 | Smartwool Merino Sport Fleece Wind Mittens

You're outside, you need gloves, wait, you need mittens. How about both? The Smartwool Wind Mittens offer both options for mid-weather hiking (~30deg). They are light weigh and pack easily. Certainly a nice to have for any hiker in the family.

PRICE: $50


7 | Yaktrax Snow & Ice Traction for Your Feet - Diamond Grip

From the trails to shoveling snow in your driveway, these traction straps for your shoes come in super handy. There is no doubt that these are beyond nice to have, they are a necessity when it comes to cold weather climates.

Price: $55


8 | Dog First Aid: A Field Guide to Emergency Care for the Outdoor Dog

Every adventure needs a Plan B. Whether you're on the trail or you're in your backyard, this reference guide is great for quick answers for common first aid needs with Fido.

Price: $11


9 | Leatherman Raptor Scissors

The best scissors that you'll ever own. Perhaps the last scissors that you'll ever need to own. These are the gold standard for cutting in my book. Smooth as butter. They are rugged enough to cut some tough items yet able to snip through a piece of paper with ease. While they might be overkill, the hiking aficionado will definitely appreciate a pair of these scissors.

PRICE: $90


10 | Infant Bunting for Those Cold Days

Don't forget about that little on when you're headed out on the trail. The North Face has some great fleece and Thermal wear for the child in tow. There is no reason that cold weather should limit your treks into the outdoors.

Price: $119


11 | Arcteryx Aerios 15 Backpack

This backpack has pockets that are integrated into the shoulder straps. Need I say more, probably?! This backpack is a great size, straps are wide enough on the shoulders that it doesn't hurt, and have elastic straps on the outside for your jacket. Quality craftsmanship and well-engineered, you can't go wrong with the Aerios backpack.

PRICE: $130


12 | Men's Classic Thermal Merino Base Layer 1/4 Zip

This 1/4 zip makes a great mid-layer/base-layer. It's light and warm. This is a staple for both the P&P team when we're on the trail and it's cold. The fabric is soft and the wool is warm even when it gets wet. This is definitely a great addition for any outdoor adventurer.

PRICE: $115


13 | Leatherman FREE P4 Multi-Tool

The Leatherman FREE P4 is light and versatile. I would argue that this one is the sibling to the SuperTool 300, which is also a great Multi-Tool. Everything that you need and more. While the WAVE and other tools will do just fine, this is the Jeep Wrangler of carry-along tools.

PRICE: $150


14 | Garmin InReach Satellite Communicator

It's no mystery, we believe that you should have a satellite communicator with you at all times when you're outdoors and in the backcountry. Call us 'old fashion' but modern, but we believe that being prepared for an emergency is paramount when you're out of cell coverage. For us, the Garmin InReach is the chosen path.

PRICE: $350


15 | Arcteryx Beta AR (or LT) Shell Jacket

We like to say that the Arcteryx jacket is the Telsa of Outdoor Apparel. There are very few companies that you can put side-by-side with Arcteryx and get the same performance. The North Face Summit Series may be it's only competitor in our opinion (outside of Canada Goose, another Canadian company). The BETA LT is a lighter version of the AR jacket. Depending on the harshness of conditions, either jacket will perform well. The AR might be a little stiffer but will last longer in the elements (beading of the water on the Gortex).

PRICE: $400-600


16 | Lowa Renegade GTX Mid-Hiking Boots

The Lowa Renegade boots are one of these purchases that you're probably not that excited to buy but are more of a must-have. These boots are light, comfortable, and durable. We've put many miles on a number of different brands and we keep coming back to the Lowa's.

PRICE: $245


Final Thoughts

While this list is not exhaustive or extensive, it's a good starting point for the key items that will elevate that experience for your favorite outdoor enthusiast. Many of the links above will take you to either the manufacturer's website or Amazon. Remember to shop small businesses during this holiday season, there are many outfitters in your local area that could use your patronage. And while sometimes they might be more expensive, consider those extra few bucks an investment in your local community.

For now, get that gear for that hiker or outdoors person in your life -- and send them off on a happy adventure. #getoutside


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